URL Format Accepted Sample Response
https://leadsdelivery.com/api/ping Name/Value Form POST { id: a8c75ef7b6f04a5fa64526fcaa0aef22, price: 4.30, message: "success", code = "OK", success: true }
https://leadsdelivery.com/api/post Name/Value Form POST { id: a8c75ef7b6f04a5fa64526fcaa0aef22, message: "success", code = "OK", success: true }
https://leadsdelivery.com/api/fullpost Name/Value Form POST { id: a8c75ef7b6f04a5fa64526fcaa0aef22, price: 4.30, message: "success", code = "OK", success: true }
https://leadsdelivery.com/api/xml/{ping|post} Name/Value Form POST, with XML response Ping Response XML: <ExternalPingResponse><Message>success</Message><Price>5.05</Price><ID>a8c75ef7b6f04a5fa64526fcaa0aef22</ID><Code>OK</code><Success>true</Success></ExternalPingResponse>
Post Response XML: <ExternalPostResponse><Message>success</Message><ID>a8c75ef7b6f04a5fa64526fcaa0aef22</ID><Code>OK</code><Success>true</Success></ExternalPostResponse>
See this page for sample data to submit.
Field name Ping Required Post Required Notes
Lead.LeadTypeIdYesYes5 = Home Imp
TXIDNoYesthe "ID" value returned from a successful ping
Source.KeyYesYesGUID assigned by affiliate manager
Source.TokenYesYesGUID assigned by affiliate manager
Lead.FirstNameNoYese.g. John
Lead.LastNameNoYese.g. Smith
Lead.AddressNoYese.g. 1234 Main street
Lead.Address2NoYese.g. APT 5
Lead.CityYesYese.g. Antown
Lead.StateYesYese.g. NY
Lead.ZipYesYesNNNNN, e.g. 11001
Lead.EmailNoYesvalid email, you@domain.com
Lead.HomephoneNoYesNo dashs,e.g. 2125551212
Lead.WorkphoneNoYesNo dashs,e.g. 2125551212
Attributes.ProjectType Yes Yes Valid Project Type - e.g. Painting of 3 or Fewer Rooms, Painting of 3 or More Rooms, Painting Full Exterior, Window Replacement, Heating and Cooling Repair, Roofing Repair, Siding
Attributes.Timeframe Yes Yes Valid Timeframe - e.g. Emergency Service, Timing Flexible, Within 1 Week, 1 or 2 Weeks, More Than 2 Weeks,
Attributes.ResidentialYesYesYes or No
Attributes.HomeownerYesYesYes or No
Attributes.CabinetAreaYesYesKitchen or Bathroom
Attributes.EmailDomainYesYesdomain of consumer email provider e.g. gmail.com
Attributes.SidingMaterial Yes Yes Valid Siding Material - e.g. Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl, Brick or Stone, Metal
Attributes.Windows Yes Yes Required if Project Type is Window Replacement - e.g. 1 Window, 2-3 Windows, 4 Windows, 4+ Windows
TestNoNo1 = Test Lead, 0 = Live Lead
Attributes.IPaddressYesYesValid IP address e.g.
Attributes.ULeadIdYesYesAssigned from leadid.com
Attributes.xxTrustedFormCertUrlNoNoAssigned from trustedform.com (some buyers require this in addition to leadid.com -- include if you use TF)
Attributes.BornOnYesYesDate record was born on
Attributes.SubIDNoNoYour sub ID
Attributes.UserAgentNoNoConsumer Browser Version
Attributes.PartnerLeadIdNoNoYour internal LeadId (up to 32 chars)
Attributes.LandingPageNoNoValid URL
Attributes.ConsentTextNoNoTCPA Disclaimer